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Integrated System for Data2Text Automation

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AX Semantics is a transformative platform designed to cater specifically to the needs of e-commerce businesses by offering automated content creation and translation solutions. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, AX Semantics empowers e-commerce businesses to efficiently generate high-quality content, enabling them to thrive and expand in the global marketplace.

Key Features:

  1. Automated Product Descriptions: AX Semantics enables the generation of thousands of high-quality product descriptions in up to 110 languages, streamlining content creation, saving valuable time and resources, and accelerating time-to-market.
  2. Automated Content Personalization: The platform facilitates the creation of personalized product descriptions, catering to individual customer needs and various stages of the customer journey, enhancing user engagement and conversion rates.
  3. Automated FAQ: AX Semantics automates the creation of individual FAQ sections for all product pages, improving content quality, organic search visibility, and user experience.
  4. GPT-Powered Writing: By integrating GPT technology, AX Semantics offers advanced features like Statement Suggestions and Alternative Text Suggestions, revolutionizing content creation and ensuring compelling and relevant content.
  5. Translation Packages: With seamless processes and smart algorithms, the platform simplifies the creation of multilingual product texts, catering to international businesses and expanding their reach.
  6. Data-Driven Personalization: Utilize the Metrics feature to collect and assess content performance, optimizing and customizing your e-commerce store’s product pages for each visitor, enhancing engagement and conversions.

Use Cases:

  • Streamlining Content Creation: AX Semantics empowers businesses to streamline and scale content creation processes, preparing them for future growth and digital business development.
  • International Expansion: By supporting content generation in up to 110 languages, the platform facilitates international expansion for online businesses, broadening their global reach.
  • Content Team Productivity: AX Semantics significantly increases the productivity of content teams by automating repetitive writing tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic and creative aspects of content creation.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: The platform accelerates the generation of high-quality product descriptions, resulting in a 57% increase in conversions on product pages, ultimately boosting revenue.


  • 80% Time Savings: The automation of repetitive writing tasks results in an 80% reduction in time spent on content creation.
  • Conversion Boost: Businesses witness a 57% increase in conversions on product pages, thanks to persuasive and advisory content.
  • Enhanced Organic Traffic: Optimized content caters to both users and search engines, resulting in a 96% increase in organic traffic, ensuring better visibility and reach.


AX Semantics has established its presence by working with over 500 companies, including renowned brands such as Porsche, Mytheresa, billiger.de, Lyreco, and H&M. Its track record of success with industry leaders reflects its exceptional capabilities in transforming content creation and translation for e-commerce businesses.


AX Semantics stands as a pivotal platform in the e-commerce landscape, offering indispensable solutions for automated content creation and translation. With a proven track record and a suite of powerful features, it is poised to drive success for businesses by enhancing efficiency, engagement, and global reach in the digital age. Experience the future of content creation and translation with AX Semantics.


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